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Have Some Faith

Faith. It's all around us. It drives us. It's difficult to function without. Don't worry, this post is not a religious sermon. That's a matter of your personal beliefs.

We're talking about the faith we have in our professional lives. It drives our decisions and behavior day to day, doesn't it?

The faith and trust we have in our peers. Our faith in technology. And then there's the faith we have in acting professional, open-minded, respectful, and optimistic. Are these not faiths too?

It seems the more we practice faith the higher the rewards. Steve Jobs had faith in the power of the user-experience. So much so he bet his company on it and won big. Very big. And so did the world.

Here at Aestiva we put faith in upfront pricing displayed prominently on our web site. We have faith in the power of transparency over those who insist they must hide their pricing until they can "sell" you.

We have faith in our ability to succeed so we guarantee our work. And we don't ask for payment upfront. Sure, many folks could take advantage but very few do. Our faith drives every project. It's no wonder we rarely fail.

We have faith in technology as a force for good. Audit-trails come standard. Information is fast and easy to access. Not because it's requested of us. But because it keeps users honest and empowered. We're focused on improving every aspect of our paperwork automation. We have faith in paperwork automation as a force for good. If we didn't how could you?

So, if you ask us what faith has to do with Aestiva and paperwork automation, we say, "everything." If you're not yet an Aestiva customer give us a call. Put your faith in paperwork automation. Speak to an Aestiva Account Coordinator about your project. Have faith it will be time well-spent.

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