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Winner of Design-Eye Face-Off Announced

Aestiva ran an on-line contest this last month. The goal -- to identify designers with a good graphics design eye. The winner of Aestiva's Design-Eye Face-Off has been announced. Drum roll please. The winner is:

Jonathan Krop

of Berkeley, California

Jonathan wins the $1,000 prize. Jonathan was one of three finalists.

The winner and finalists of the Design-Eye Face-Off have the opportunity to join a skunk-works project at Aestiva code-named Webigami. The project focuses on an automation technology to help small businesses do their paperwork via standard smart phones. The project will potentially impact millions of people world-wide.

The face-off included a final task on which the three Design-eye finalists were judged. The final task was to improve the design of pull-down menus -- those basic components of all browsers that give end-users the ability to make selections from sets of choices.

Jon submitted a pull-down menu extended with extra features for the user and extra features for the designer. The design was clean and elegant and fit best with the theme of the task.

The "Jonathan Krop" pull-down menu

The design provided by Jonathan included a conceptual definition for the component -- to support the UI (user interface) needs and capabilities of mobile and non-mobile platforms. The component was envisioned to be flexible -- able to be re-skinned using standard css (familiar to most web designers) -- giving designers the freedom to match the component with the look-and-feel of different web sites and web applications. Kudos Jon for a job well-done.

Aestiva congratulates Jonathan for his victory as winner of the Aestiva Design-Eye Face-Off.

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