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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the course? - This Aestiva Professional Advancement training course is called "Aestiva Automation Platform Certification Training."

Is this the same course Aestiva uses in hiring? - Yes. This course uses curriculum Aestiva uses when it trains entry level automation specialists.

What are the prerequisits? - You should be a coder. No knowledge of Aestiva technology or Aestiva languages is needed. However, a medium to strong knowledge of either Python, Perl, C, C+, or any other server-side programming language is required. You should have a minimum of two years coding experience.

Do I need to purchase any materials for the training? - No. All materials and on-line services are provided.

Do I attend classes? - No. You work with, and are assigned, an Aestiva Personal Trainer. Aestiva believes one-on-one interaction produces better results than many-to-one interaction.

Can I fail the course? - Yes. If you do not attend the phone meetings with your Aestiva personal trainer, or you fail to do your exercises, or you do not have adequate coding capabilities, then Aestiva has the right to cancel your training.

Where do I attend? - All work is remote. You can be anywhere. You attend weekly phone meetings with your Aestiva Personal Trainer for one hour a week. Phone meeting times are determined in the beginning of the course.

What is my time commitment? - To do well, you should be willing to commit five to eight hours per week for the duration of the course for study and work plus you need to attend meetings with your Aestiva personal trainer.

What will I learn? - You will first learn HTML/OS, a 4GL stand-alone version of Webigami BASIC. HTML/OS was invented in 1996 and is still used today. Then you will learn Webigami BASIC, the coding language of the Webigami Automation Platform. Last, you will spend four weeks building an application using what you learned.

What is the curriculum?
In Week #1 you will be provided a book and exercises to complete using a special website. In Week #2 you will begin automation training. In weeks #3 through #6 you will work on a project. You will meet weekly with your personal trainer and be able to email him/her for help during the training period.

Can I set up as many applications as I want in a single account? - Yes.

Can I sell the applications I build? - Yes.

Can I determine the pricing? - Yes. (Make sure to cover your reseller account fees)

Do you provide training certifications? - Yes. (Provided upon request at no additional charge at the successful conclusion of this course)

What is the price of this course? Prices vary based on attendance. Discounts available to Aestiva customers, partners, and educators. Call for details.

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