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Last Updated: 01/01/2022

Aestiva customers receive SupportPlus as their customer care service. SupportPlus serves first-time and long-term customers. Enterprise customers receive SupportPlus Enterprise. Ask for details.

New Power Solution customers receive a Waiver Period lasting one year from your initial order date. During this time Basic Services are provided free. QuickCloud products include the SupportPlus service.

Customer support is provided via phone during regular business hours. The following is included.*

  • Executive Overview Meetings (Conducted Annually)
  • Answers to Questions - Aestiva Array Administration (On-Premise Customers Only)
  • Answers to Questions - Power Office Report Creation
  • Answers to Questions - Webigami Report Creation
  • Answers to Questions - Power Office Administration
  • Answers to Questions - Webigami Administration
  • Training - Administration & Reports - Power Office
  • Training - Administration & Reports - Webigami
  • Training - Administration - Array (On-Premise Customers Only)
  • * Limited to 4 points of contact: an IT admin and their backup, and a business manager and their backup. Includes up to 20 hours annual. Bug fixes are not counted toward this number.

    Advanced Support and Services

    Aestiva provides advanced services billed as Service Orders for a variety of Professional Services including SSO work, Systems Integrations, Production changes, Engineering changes, and more. Aestiva also provides a higher level of support for Enterprise customers. Call for details.

    Aiming Higher Than Ever

    At Aestiva we aim to provide the greatest level of support possible. Tell us how we are doing. Share your ideas for improvement with us. We look forward to working with you.

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