Aestiva's Mission

Aestiva's mission is to give businesses of any size the power to control their own operations.

In the same way web pages changed how businesses communicate with people outside their companies, Aestiva has developed web sheets to change how companies operate within.

Almost ten years ago we asked ourselves;

Why shouldn't digital sheets be smart and business-friendly? Why can't a digit sheet turn into a word processing document, a database record, an ordering form, or any business document you want? So you don't have to buy software products every time you want to automate a process.

Why can't building out operations be as easy as building websites?

That's was and is our mission.

Today Aestiva's digital sheets are used in hundreds of companies.

And today, our technology is available on special request to developers who wants to use it to build out their own automations.

So if you're looking for Aestiva to help you get more automated, or you want to join Aestiva as a developer to bring this new kind of digital paper to the world, we invite you to join the hundreds of other companies who chose Aestiva.

Join us. To use Aestiva go to or partner with us. Because the world deserves a digital paper technology that's smarter, more powerful and infinitely more flexible than anything we have today.

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About Aestiva Software

Aestiva is a paperwork automation company. We have helped over 1,000 businesses since 1996.

From squeezing down customer response times to streamlining procurement services to building skyrocketing levels of transparency and audit, Aestiva is building a world where businesses run smarter, greener, happier, and better.

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