QuickCloud Onboarding

Starting at $150 / month for up to HR 5 staff.

QuickCloud Onbording

QuickCloud Onboarding is a cloud-based employee onboarding solution. The product streamlines the employee onboarding process. Create unlimited checklists with automatic notifications to those engaged in the onboarding process.

Access QuickCloud Onboarding from any desktop, tablet or phone. From work, at home, or on the road. And QuickCloud Onbording requires no apps. Use carefree from anywhere.

Quickcloud Onboarding automates the entire employee onboarding process.

• HR adds a prospective employee.
• HR selects an onboarding checklist.
• HR modifies the checklist, if needed.
• HR submits checklist and system does the rest.

• System notifies users who need to take an action.
• System reminds users when they are late.
• System tracks and records all actions taken.

• At any time, HR can view the onboarding status.
• At any time, HR can change the notifications.
• At any time, HR can run reports.

This system can also manage employee offboarding and other employee-related tasks such as employee review and employee trainings.


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Powerful features and a whole lot more.

One-on-one setup with a specialist.     One-on-one admin and report writing training.     One-on-one over-the-phone support from real people.     Workflow with email and text notifications.     No software needed on desktops, smartphones and tablets.     Features operate the same across all devices.     Changes to on-line timesheets are recorded and transparent.     Reporting on anything.     Aestiva's famous Happiness Guarantee.

Quickcloud Onboarding Pricing and Delivery


$249/month for 5 HR login IDs

$399/month for 10 HR Login IDs

*QuickCloud plan. $4,995 One-time licensing fee waived. This product is stand-alone. It is also available integrated into QuickCloud Mobile HR. Also, other pricing plans are available. Call for details.


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Phone Support

Deployment Help
Administrative Training
Administrative Help
Report Writing Training
Report Writing Help

Ask about Aestiva's Famous Happiness Guarantee.


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Other Related Products

Aestiva products can be extended with add-ons (such as custom KPI graphics), Systems Integrations (we integrate with almost anything), and added system packages such as:

QuickCloud Mobile HR
QuickCloud Timesheets
QuickCloud Leave

Please call for details.

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Post-Purchase Changes To Your On-line Onboarding Software

Modifying Your On-line Onboarding System.

Your On-line Onboarding system was designed to be changed to satisfy custom needs. You may be a non-profit, add a new tab to a system. And so on.

Aestiva Onboarding is change-ready. Fields can be added. Fields can be taken away. Functionality can be added. Functionality can be taken away.

How to Make Changes to QuickCloud Onboarding.
Since QuickCloud solutions have been priced and designed for immediate installation, your first step is to purchase and deply your QuickCloud Onboarding product.

After that, talk to your Aestiva Account Coordinator (AC). Aestiva uses "Service Orders" to make changes. In general, you'll want to gather all your desired changes together and provide them to your AC. They will get help from an engineer, if needed, and quote you on the Service Orders needed. All work is fixed cost. Turn-around for most changes is under two weeks.

How to make changes prior to deployment.
If you are looking to make changes prior to deployment please tell us. Aestiva provides "Design, Build, and Deploy (DBD) installations, or in Aestiva's vernacular, Power Solutions.

Power solutions include a design, build, and deploy process. This is how it works. First, before any commitments, Aestiva will schedule a time with an Aestiva engineer to review your general needs. Aestiva will then issue you a quotation that includes your requirements plus an "allocation budget for features known and unknown." After purchase, Aestiva will complete a thorough specification with you, notify you how much of the "allocation budget" is actually needed, and upon your approval, complete the project on a fixed cost basis. For further questions speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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