Mobile Timesheet

Starting at $349 / month for up to 30 staff.
(Or FREE with Aestiva's Software Unlimited Plan)

What is a timesheet?

The on-line timesheet (or time sheet) is a favored way to track employee time. Users enter their time daily and at the end of the week they submit them for review and processing.

On-line Timesheets can be simple and more advanced. Aestiva's Mobile Timesheet product is a simple yet powerful solution for smaller operations with staff at home, in the office, and on the road. For more advanced solutions see Aestiva's Power Solutions.

The Perfect Timesheet For Smaller Operations

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Aestiva Mobile Timesheet is a cloud-based weekly timesheet that works equally well on your desktop and smartphone. The product is perfect for today's remote workforce. Staff can use their desktop in the office, their tablets at home and their phones when they're on the road. And Mobile Timesheet requires no apps. It can be used carefree from anywhere.

Your Aestiva Mobile Timesheet product covers the business process below.

• User enters their time each day on their on-line timesheet.
• At the end of each week, on-line timesheets are submitted for review.
• Prior to payroll, delinquent users are reminded to complete their timesheets.
• At deadline time, on-line timesheets are auto-submitted and closed.
• Payroll downloads employee time to help with payroll.
• At any time, users can view their employee time history.
• At any time, managers can view time spent by employee, project, date, etc.


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Powerful features and a whole lot more.

One-on-one setup with a specialist.     One-on-one admin and report writing training.     One-on-one over-the-phone support from real people.     Workflow with email and text notifications.     No software needed on desktops, smartphones and tablets.     Features operate the same across all devices.     Changes to on-line timesheets are recorded and transparent.     Reporting on anything.     Aestiva's famous Happiness Guarantee.

Aestiva Mobile Timesheet Pricing

$349/month for up to 30 login IDs
$499/month for up to 50 Login IDs

*QuickCloud pricing plan: $48,000 one-time licensing fee waived. Price includes hosting, deployment, training, and support. This product is stand-alone. Product is also included as part of Aestiva Mobile HR. And this product is available for free with Aestiva's Software Unlimited Plan. Product can be combined with other Aestiva products and can integrate with external systems. Call for details.


Product Walkthrough
Initial Product Configuration
Documentation Help

Phone Support

Deployment Help
Administrative Training
Administrative Help
Report Writing Training
Report Writing Help

Install Time: About a week.

Ask about Aestiva's Famous Happiness Guarantee.


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Your Timesheet For Larger Operations

If you are larger, you want a Power Solution. They are assembled to your needs. Pick and choose what you want. All systems are made-to-order. We offer:

Variable Shift Plans
Customer Billing
Time-marking Controls

Employee-Group Controls
Project Management Controls

Custom OT Calculations
Union and Multi-Union Requirements
GPS, IP, and other Tracking Controls

Payroll Integration
HRIM Integration
SSO Setups
Custom Integrations

Leave Requests
Employee Databases
Expense Report Systems
Invoice Billing
Time Budgeting Systems

And a Change Order desk for:
Migration Help
Embedded Graphics
KPI Generation and Analytics
Custom Systems Integrations
Application Optimization

And rolling out in 2022:
Separation of Duty Tools
Attestation SOC 2 Report
HIPAA Compliance
24/7/365 Support Plan
Off-site Disaster Recovery
KPI Generation Tools
And more.

Looking for more details? How couldn't you. Schedule a demo to dig further. And remember to ask about Aestiva's Famous Happiness Guarantee.


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Post-Purchase Changes To Your On-line Timesheet

Modifying Your On-line Timesheet System.

Your On-line Timesheet system was designed to be changed to satisfy custom needs. You may be a non-profit with specific GL coding needs. Your projects may require back-end begin and end dates. You may want special charge codes to trigger special features. And so on.

Furthermore, you may need a two-week, bi-monthly or monthly timesheet. Perhaps you need to add contract and fund codes. Perhaps you have union requirements. Well, you get the idea.

All Aestiva Time Tracking systems are change-ready. Fields can be added. Fields can be taken away. Functionality can be added. Functionality can be taken away.

How to Make Changes to Aestiva Mobile Timesheet.
Since Aestiva Mobile Timesheet has been priced and designed for immediate installation, your first step is to purchase and deply your Aestiva Mobile Timesheet product.

After that, talk to your Aestiva Account Coordinator (AC). Aestiva uses "Service Orders" to make changes. In general, you'll want to gather all your desired changes together and provide them to your AC. They will get help from an engineer, if needed, and quote you on the Service Orders needed. All work is fixed cost. Turn-around for most changes is under two weeks.

How to make changes prior to deployment.
If you are looking to make changes prior to deployment please tell us. Aestiva provides "Design, Build, and Deploy (DBD) installations, or in Aestiva's vernacular, Power Solutions.

Power solutions include a design, build, and deploy process. This is how it works. First, before any commitments, Aestiva will schedule a time with an Aestiva engineer to review your general needs. Aestiva will then issue you a quotation that includes your requirements plus an "allocation budget for features known and unknown." After purchase, Aestiva will complete a thorough specification with you, notify you how much of the "allocation budget" is actually needed, and upon your approval, complete the project on a fixed cost basis. For further questions speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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