Virtual Paperwork Hosting

A virtual paperwork hosting account gives you 24/7 cloud hosting of virtual paperwork for an entire organization.

Each account can run unlimited virtual paperwork solutions and includes solution management, a configurable home page, user administration, security, audit, and reporting.

Start with a base account and upgrade as needed. Please read the FAQs below and return here to sign up.

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How long does it take to get set up?

Most often your account will be live and ready for configuration by your dealer one business day from sign-up.

How many organizations can share a single account?

In general, one account is needed per organization. However an organization may have multiple legal entities in a single account.

How many sheets and solutions can be hosted in an account?

There are no limits placed on the number of virtual paperwork solutions you can host in a single account.

How do I navigate between different solutions?

Your account includes a home page that can be configured for any number of solutions. Your account's home page can include to-do items for the user, a KPI dashboard, links to common actions users are authorized to perform, search, and more.

Are virtual paperwork solutions free?

Aestiva hosting accounts can run all of Aestiva's virtual paperwork solutions at no additional cost. Remember however that professional services are not free. And dealers can charge licensing fees for derivative works and their own solutions. Review your projected costs with your authorized dealer before signing up for an account.

Is Virtual Paperwork growing?

Yes. Virtual paperwork solutions are constantly being created by Aestiva and its partners for the benefit of organizations everywhere.

Do accounts provide email services?

Virtual paperwork accounts are not a substitute for company email. However, accounts send out email and text messages and notifications and they can be configured to pick up email.

Can accounts integrate with external systems?

Yes. Virtual paperwork accounts include many systems integrations options for sending data back and forth between it and externally located systems regardless of the operating system and structure of the external system.

How is Virtual Paperwork different than open source?

Unlike open source solutions, Aestiva's virtual paperwork is supported by a dealer network of authorized businesses who deliver and support business solutions as their core activity.

Who owns my account?

Customers retain ownership of their own account. As such, customers can move between authorized dealers, if desired.

How many technologies are supported?

When you sign up for an account you are asked to select a technology. Accounts support two technologies; Gami, and Power Office.

What is Gami?

Gami is Aestiva's most advanced virtual paperwork technology. It works on mobile and desktop and includes a developer back-end for installing and developing and changing virtual paperwork. Gami accounts can be modified by authorized dealers and independent developers trained in virtual paperwork design.

What is Power Office?

Power Office is Aestiva's original engine. It serves some of Aestiva's most advanced solutions. The engine can be managed by authorized dealers.

How many authorized dealers can I have?

Accounts are assigned an authorized dealer. Each account can have only one authorized dealer.

How do I change my authorized dealer?

To move dealers simply email or call Aestiva and give us the name of your new dealer.

How much storage do I get in an account?

Accounts start with fifty gigabytes of storage and another fifty gigabytes of storage in a test (staging) account.

How are hosting accounts priced?

Dealer-managed accounts are priced based on the number of concurrent users you wish to support in the account. Standard accounts are limited to 1,000 named users. The latest pricing is shown below:

Est. Rate
Per User*
4$295 $14
6$385 $13
8$455 $11
10$495 $10
14$625 $9
18$715 $8
22$765 $7
30$975 $6.5
50$1,495 $6
75$2,055 $5.5
100$2,495 $5
100+Call N/A

* Assumes 5 named users per concurrent user. Actual ratios will vary.

How do I estimate the number of users I can place on a virtual hosting account?

You can place in one account the maximum number of concurrent users multiplied by the ratio of named users to concurrent users you will likely have.

The ratio of named users to concurrent users depends on your peek level of activity. On systems where everyone is on the system at the same time, the ratio can be close to one. This is rare. On most systems with fifty or more users a ratio of five is likely sufficient. On systems with low usage per user the ratio can be as high as one hundred to one. We will discuss your needs with you when you sign up.

What if I need more storage?

Additional storage may be purchased. Call for details.

What if I wish to have my own dedicated server?

Dedicated servers may be purchased. Call for details.

What if I wish to have my own domain name?

Dedicated server names may be purchased. Call for details.

Is hosting 24/7/365?

In general, yes. However, at times there can be planned outages and there can also be emergencies -- although emergencies happen on average less than once every ten years per customer.

Is transmission secure?

Hosting accounts only operate with HTTPS.

Do you use or sell my data?

Aestiva does not sell or share its data with others firms, governments, or entities without court order. Your data is strictly used in the maintenance and support of your account.

Do you have an SLA?

Aestiva has an SLA and will provide it upon request. No signature required. Just a PO or a verified order is needed for purchase.

Is your hosting compliant?

Aestiva's data center, ServerFarm ( has SOC 2. Aestiva provides HIPAA and NIST compliance. Call for details.

Can I move my solution on-premise if I start out on the cloud?

Yes, however only for Power Office solutions. Gami is a cloud-only hosting service.

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