Aestiva: the IT-friendly company

As a technology company, Aestiva is committed to using our technology for good. We strive to be the most responsive, flexible, affordable, and helpful company we can.

Install our software on your own equipment or out on the Web. It's up to you. Want to use a VPN? That's okay too. Want to run on Virtualized servers? Want 32 or 64 bit? Want to use Windows, Linux, or MacOS servers? Have users with iPhones, iPads, tablets and Android devices? We're okay with all of those options.

We're committed to providing extreme flexibility and compatibility with today's emerging technologies while simultaneously requiring minimal or no IT overhead. Aestiva software is self-maintaining. Administration is one hundred percent browser-based. And with our support programs you're fully supported.

And what about your costs? We believe in price transparency, which is why we publish pricing on our web site. And we're committed to lowering your costs for the long-term. It's why you'll love Aestiva. Like a SaaS, we do not require that you learn about our underlying technology, nor do we require that you commit IT resources to run our software. But, unlike most SaaS providers, we separate service and support fees from software licensing fees. The software fee is one-time (perpetual), and the service fees are based on the services you receive. So, if you need support for your hardware, we can provide that too. What does this mean for you? True flexibility, and huge savings in the long term. See the insert below.

We hate paying for items already purchased. It doesn't feel fair. What about you? It's why we don't charge recurring license fees. Aestiva's software licenses are perpetual. You pay once. Do the math. Look at your three to five year costs. You'll save so much you might just switch all of your higher-end SaaS services to Aestiva. We're saving organizations millions of dollars every year.

How Do We Do It?

The secret behind Aestiva's success is two Aestiva technologies: Aestiva Array, and Aestiva Power Office. Both are super light on IT resources.

Aestiva Array is a cross-platform database engine for running browser-based applications. It is based on a small binary (10 megabyte) kernel available for different kinds of servers. The kernel is packed with advanced software technologies. Made exclusively for browser-native applications, the kernel eliminates the need for external database engines, middleware, and numerous other technologies. Applications running on Array are cross-platform, transportable, and managed with its browser-based interface. The engine has been refined over the years with the uncompromising goal of lowering and/or eliminating IT overhead.

Aestiva Power Office is an engine for running virtual paper with advanced workflow. It runs 100% on top of Aestiva Array. It needs no 3rd-party databases or applications. It supports the creation, editing, sharing, approval, printing, auditing, and reporting of electronic paperwork. It is packed with hundreds of advanced features, developed over the years with the goal of increasing out-of-the-box functionality, best practices and ease of use.

The Array engine runs in business hosting accounts and on in-house servers. Installation is fast and painless, since only a web server is needed. Power Office is installed point-and-click from within Array, using a browser. Together, Array and Power Office deliver the advanced capabilities you want, while, at the same time, making the IT's job almost non-existent, and our products more affordable.

Aestiva Power Office

A robust technology since 2002.

Aestiva Array

A robust technology since 1996.

 About Aestiva

Aestiva does virtual paperwork. We have helped over 1,000 businesses since 1996.

Virtual paperwork is more powerful than ever. It's the go-to alternative to expensive software systems. Now with compliance, audit, user-access control, and the sophistication of advanced enterprise products but without the headaches. We're on a mission to create a world where organizations run smarter, greener, happier, and better.
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