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US Hours
Days: Mon - Fri
Hours: 8am - 5pm PST
(14-hr and 24-hr/holiday support also available.)

For further information, please speak to your Account Coordinator.
Free Demos
Aestiva conducts over-the-web demonstrations daily. Have a question?

Call 1-888-237-8482
(11am to 8pm, EST).

Request Info
Complete an on-line Request for Information form.

More Value
View advanced features provided with all Aestiva products.

   More Value.

  • Products can integrate with non-Aestiva products.
  • Products include dynamic reporting system.
  • Products include executive dashboard module.
  • Products are multi-language ready.
  • Products include detailed audit trail.
  • Products can be extended with special features.
  • Products utilize user-friendly paper-like forms.
  • Products are affordable.
  • Products can be installed on your server.
  • Products can also be installed on the cloud.
  • Products can be scaled across multiple servers.
  • End-user and admin side is 100% browser-based.
  • Products are assembled and delivered fast.
  • Prices on-line include end-to-end customer support.
  • Products require limited or no in-house IT support.
  • Products can be combined with other Aestiva products.

Aestiva Support

Aestiva customers receive SupportPlus as their customer care service. SupportPlus serves the needs of first-time customers and Aestiva's long-term customers.

A New Customer?

As a new customer you have a Waiver Period lasting one year from your initial order date. During this time Basic Services are provided free. It's one of the ways Aestiva stands behind every product it delivers.

Serving You Long-Term

Long-term customers gain from Aestiva's willingness to provide a wide array of services. A lot of them are free. The following services are provided free*.

  • Free Executive Overview Meetings (Annually Conducted)
  • Free Answers to Questions on Aestiva Array Administration
  • Free Answers to Questions on Aestiva Power Office Administration
  • Free Answers to Questions on Webigami Sheets Administration
  • Free Administrator Training (Power Office)
  • Free Administrator Training (Array)
  • Free Administrator Training (Webigami Sheets)
  • Free Upgrades of Aestiva Array
  • Free Upgrades of Power Office

    *For SupportPlus services with renewal dates after Jan 1, 2017. Limited to 4 points of contact; an IT admin and their backup, and a business manager and their backup. Total free services limited to 20 hours annual. Bug fixes are not counted toward this number. For earlier support contracts, see SupportPlus 2016.

    No Surprises
    Need Professional services? Aestiva provides services to help with SSO, Systems Integrations, and custom projects. Servives can be provided on a fix-cost bases or on a time & billing basis.

    Time & Billing Services
    Using Aestiva for a project? We'll ask for your authorization and we'll notify you when hours are logged - weeks before invoices are issued. It's our way of saying "no surprises."

    Did you know? Aestiva's latest Webigami technology is an industry-first?

    Want to convert a business process involving spreadsheets into a sophisticated mobile or desktop application? Call on our team to help.
    Aiming Higher Than Ever...
    At Aestiva we aim to provide the greatest level of support possible. Tell us how we are doing. Share with us your ideas for improvement. We look forward to working with you.

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    1-888-AESTIVA (237-8482)

    US Business Hours:
    8am - 5pm, PST (11am to 8pm, EST).

    International Hours:
    Please email us for a call-back during your
    work hours.

    To send an RFQ:
    Click here to send Aestiva an RFQ.

    Getting no answer on a toll-free or primary phone number?
    Call 310-872-7291, or 310-872-6198, 11am - 8pm EST, and tell us.

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