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Features Common to All Aestiva Products

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Features Common to All Aestiva Products

  • Products can be installed on your server.
  • Products can also be installed on the cloud.
  • Products can be scaled across multiple servers.
  • End-user and admin side is 100% browser-based.
  • Products are assembled and delivered fast.
  • Products include end-to-end customer support.
  • Products require limited or no in-house IT support.
  • Products can be combined with other Aestiva products.
  • Products can integrate with non-Aestiva products.
  • Products include dynamic reporting system.
  • Products are multi-language ready.
  • Products include detailed audit trail.
  • Products can be extended with special features.
  • Products utilize user-friendly paper-like forms.
  • Products are affordable.

Increase buyer effectiveness, shorten cycle times, and gain the analytics and spend visibility you need.

Aestiva RFQ Portal is a buyer and supplier accessible system (portal) for managing Request for Quotes and other kinds of supplier requests. This RFQ software product streamlines buyer tasks and increases RFQ visibility, analytics, and controls -- taking your buyers to the next level.

The product can manage highly complex non-commodity buying, and commodity buying. Call today for a free over-the-web product demonstration.

  • Allows buyer-specific RFQ designs.
  • Manages Buyer-Supplier-Buyer RFQ process.
  • Advanced reporting. Create your own reports.
  • Build your own RFQ comparisons.
  • Automated email reminders.
  • Installs on your servers.
  • 100% browser-native.
  • No rental fees.

This product includes buyer-specific web-spreadsheets. If you do not need buyer-specific RFQs then see Aestiva Sourcing RFQ. Need to manage incoming customer RFQs in addition to supplier RFQs? Then see Aestiva RFQ Manager.

See also: Features. FAQs. Reference.

Price Tiers for Aestiva RFQ Portal Software
RFQ-5 $16,995 (Up to 5 users)  -  Plus $235 per additional user.
RFQ-50 $22,795 (Up to 50 users)  -  Plus $179 per additional user.
RFQ-150 $31,495 (Up to 150 users)  -  Plus $119 per additional user.
*Server software prices are one-time. Price includes setup, installation, and support. No desktop software to buy or install on user equipment. Cloud Hosting option also available.

Alternate Options
Everyone Plan For systems with over 150 users but a low number of transactions.
For details click here.
Enterprise For systems with over 500 users and a high number of transactions.
For details click here.

Product Extensions

Here is a partial list of software add-ons that can be added to the base system. Please call toll-free 1-888-237-8482 for pricing and details.

Custom Portal Design - The base system includes a supplier RFQ portal. Need to set up a additional design elements? Our production department can add to the portal special components, features, and designs, as needed. Call for details.

Custom Product/Catalog Lookups - The base RFQ product includes a supplier lookup. Need to set up special product and/or BOM databases? Our production department can add special lookups to the system. Call for details.

BOM-to-RFQ Generators - Need to set up multiple RFQs based on a single BOM? Special tools can be added to Aestiva RFQ to do just that. Call for details.

Custom Analytics - The base RFQ system includes the ability to build side-by-side comparison reports that display selected features of a quote. Need to set up other specialized RFQ analytics? Our production department can build that for you. Call for details.

Systems Integration - Need to import/export into/out of Aestiva RFQ? The product includes an import/export utility called Exchanger. Our production department uses the utility to set up file exchanges with external systems and/or other Aestiva products. Call for details.

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Demos Provided Daily

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