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* Includes specification, assembly, delivery, and training.
Webigami account hosting not included.

What kind of task queue system do you want?

Need to add tasks to a queue? Automatically? Perhaps send tasks from queues to queue? Perhaps for a logistics or manufacturing processing need? Any situation where users look at their queue, take items off of it after completing a task?

Whatever it is... we can do it.

Our team can set up all kinds of task queues. Get the system you want. Guaranteed.

  • 7/24/365 access.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Delivered in about 7 days.
  • File uploads and image capture.
  • Integrates with external systems.
  • Customized to meet your requirements.
  • Works on mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices.
  • Includes 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Aestiva Software is the exclusive seller of Webigami Sheets. This cloud-based platform changes everything. If you want a cloud-based multi-user business application then you want it built with Webigami Sheets. See for details.

Task Queue Systems - More Things To Think About

Data Attachments - Perhaps you want multiple users to add attachments and/or photos as they complete their tasks. Call for details.

Time Reports - Perhaps you want special reports to review completion times? Call for details.

Back-end Queue Controls - Perhaps you want to support any number of queues -- defined with a back office administration screen.

Holiday Support - Perhaps you want the tasks to be issued automatically, with delays for work holidays. Call for details.

Systems Integration - Perhaps you want the tasks issues as a result of an automated import? Or by reading data from another Webigami sheet? Call for details.

Inactivity Escalations - Perhaps you want notices to be issues when a process step takes too long? Call for details.

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(Open 8am to 5pm, Pacific Time)
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