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General Policies For Power Office Based Products

Last Updated: 06/01/2019

To promote a speedy and successful deployment, Aestiva recommends and requires that customers read, understand, and follow the policies described below.

Limitations are shown in red. Aestiva reserves the right to waive limitations on a case by case basis. The limits exist to ensure that Aestiva's policies are not abused.

Installation and Setup

The first-time purchase of an Aestiva product includes free installation support and free setup support.

Installation Support
Installation support has two parts: the installation of Aestiva Array, followed by the installation of the product you purchased.

Aestiva Array is installed on Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS servers. Installation support is provided directly to an IT contact and/or a backup for the contact (who you designate). Feel free to follow our installation notes. Or give us a call, and we'll walk your IT contact through the installation of the Array engine.

Once Aestiva Array has been installed, you're ready to install your product. This is accomplished with the point-and-click Control Panel included with Aestiva Array. We can walk you through the process, or you can follow our technical notes.

Limited to three installations in your Waiver Period. IT contact required to know how to administer an IIS or Apache web server. Web server training is not considered a Basic Support service. If your IT staff lacks this knowledge then additional charges may be needed to provide help with Systems Administration.

Setup Support
If your product includes "specification," then your setup support will consist of a specification process, production (of the approved specification), and training. First-time customers also receive free help deploying the product and free administrator training. Your Account Coordinator will schedule your setup meetings. Expect two to ten over-the-phone meetings.

Aestiva says, "A customer set up quickly is a happy customer."

Training limited to single contact and those attending contact training phone meetings. Training does not extend to non-administrators. Design Setup, when included with the purchase of a product, is limited to twenty (20) simple HTML changes and two (2) minor changes to Javascript or HTML/OS Macros. More requests for design and programming, image design services, and other kinds of non-HTML work are at additional cost.


SupportPlus is Aestiva's customer care program. First-time customers have a Waiver Period. During the Waiver Period fees for "Basic Services" are waived. There is no need to purchase a support unless (i) you opt to purchase Advanced Services or (ii) your product is hosted on Aestiva servers.

The Waiver Period
The Waiver Period begins on your order date and ends on its one-year anniversary. Contract dates begin on the purchase date of the product or the renewal date of the contract. Payments are due NET 30 (days from the order date).

Basic vs. Advanced Services

Basic Services are delivered at no extra charge during your Waiver Period. Other services (for which authorization is required) are known as Advanced Services, and are billed at an additional cost. The rules below are used by Aestiva to determine whether a request is a Basic Service or not.
  • If a response involves a bug in an Aestiva product, then it is not billed.
  • If a response involves teaching whether a particular feature exists in the product, or describing how to use a feature, then it is a Basic Service.
  • If a response involves the initial education of an administrator, then it is a Basic Service.
  • If a response involves a minor change to the design of an electronic form template, then it is a Basic Service.

The following are requests that require authorization for Advanced Services. Aestiva reserves the right to waive limitations on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Request exceeds the maximum of twenty (20) requests in your Waiver Period.
  • The Request requires Javascript, HTML/OS, or any amount of computer programming.
  • The Request requires support for a 3rd-party product.
  • The Request requires an action by an Aestiva staff member after the conclusion of a 30-minute SupportPlus call.
  • The Request requires that the same Aestiva SupportPlus staff be available on future support requests.
For First-Time Aestiva Customers
The purchase of Advanced Services during an initial product installation is an option available to all customers. Such purchase, however, has a risk. It can delay a deployment, cause cost overruns, and make some people within your organization unhappy. Since Aestiva technology can be extended after it has been deployed, you may want to delay such requests. Speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator about your options.

Services Extensions

SupportPlus is used to deliver capabilities that are not included in the base price of a product and/or the Basic Services provided during a Waiver Period. SupportPlus extensions typically fall into one of the categories listed below.
  • Adding Services
    SupportPlus can be extended with after-hours support and access to IT specialists. No setup charges are required. To receive extended services, please speak to your Aestiva Account coordinator. Email authorization is often sufficient. In general, there are no surcharges.
  • Adding Users
    Aestiva products are typically licensed based on the total number of "named" users who can use the product. Extending the number of users is done by purchasing an extension and applying a registration key within the Control Panel of Aestiva Array. No development is needed. Turnaround can be as short as one business day.
  • Adding Applications
    Aestiva sells products that sit on the Aestiva Array platform, on the Power Office platform (which includes Aestiva Array) and on the Webigami (cloud) platform. In general, expect a software license cost for any application you add, and a production fee to cover design and programming costs. Speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator if you seek a quotation for adding one or more applications.
  • Additions and Changes
    Aestiva products can be extended with custom components, tools, and mobile capabilities.

    They can also be extended with modules that include special user screens and administration screens, to manage the data on the user side of the module. Speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator if you seek a quotation.
  • Systems Integration
    Aestiva products can be integrated with external systems using tools that read in data and tools that write out data. Data exchange is typically done with scheduled pickup of CSV and/or XML data, or using standard real-time HTTP or HTTPS transactions.

    To keep our customers happy, Aestiva usually limits its work to the Aestiva side of the integration. If you require additional help please speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

Download SupportPlus Contract

  • To download Aestiva's SupportPlus Agreement, click here. Send PDFs of signed agreements to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.
  • For rate information, click here.

Note: Aestiva does not enter into legal contract negotiations on Professional Services valued under $100,000.

Fixed-Cost Projects

Aestiva provides fixed-cost quotes on projects it believes are adequately specified. If a project is not specified, Aestiva reserves the right to charge a fee for helping develop an adequate specification.

Project Minimums
Aestiva does not have project minimums unless you require a fixed-cost quote. Fixed-cost quotes have a two-day minimum.

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