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Moving To Mobile
Oct 23

Smart phones. Blue-tooth. Cloud computing. Yep. The world is going mobile. In full force. Are you ready for the new mobile world?

At Aestiva we've asked ourselves the same question. We're delighted users have the ability to work almost anywhere they want. On the other hand, we're challenged by our desires to take advantage of the new mobile environment. People are in a period of transition. According to a May 2013 survey by the PewResearchCenter only 56% of American adults have a smartphone. This fact makes it challenging to introduce mobile features. Here's why.

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Success and the Land of the Unknowns
Jul 14

People don't like to work with things they don't know. Why? Maybe they think it's a sign of weakness.

But the path to success often leads straight through the "the land of the unknowns." Now, we don't mean you should run around willy nilly. We're talking about the need to accept unknowns. The need to embrace them rather than avoiding them.

Did you know diabetes and heart disease were rare before modern civilization? Why is that? If we accepted this "unknown" perhaps we could motivate ourselves to do something about the millions of people who die needlessly of these diseases. If we embraced this "unknown" we might eventually discover the cause has been in front of us all the time -- the Standard American Diet. Google it! But alas we digress. This blog is about paperwork automation.

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Spinning Your Wheels
Apr 27

Stalled out in your automation efforts? Spinning your wheels even though you are "doing all the right things"? Frustrating!

You can do "all the right things" and still fail. You can be diligent and work hard. You can apply substantial financial and human resources to your goals. You can put in a good-faith effort to automate. Even bring in experts. And yet you can still end up spinning your wheels.

Here are common (and related) reasons you may be stalled:

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eWorld London
Mar 7

London. What a great city. We were there to attend a trade conference and show off a bit.

To the right, Eric Villicana of Aestiva describes the virtues of transparency to an attendee.

Yep. We were spreading the message. Achieving operational quality is easier than ever. No need to limit yourself to just a few automations. Automate as many as you can.

Sales, Aestiva Style
Feb 18

It's true what you hear. We do not do sales at Aestiva. At least not the conventional kind of sales.

You know. The kind where someone exaggerates benefits. Where the sales person acts like your BFF but looks the other way when it's to his financial advantage.

Nope. We don't do that. We don't have commissions. No "top salesperson of the week." No end-of-month revenue goals. There's no pressure on us to sell, sell, sell. No kidding.

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Why Automate?
Jan 23

Let's face it - everyone thinks automation means replacing human beings with computers. When you hear, "We're automating," you think, "We're downsizing.." The word 'automation' puts the fear of Jove into one's heart.

This misconception has its roots in the past. Interestingly enough, today, automation yields far larger rewards, but it is not about downsizing. Automation is about improving the quality level of your business processes. So let's talk about quality for a sec.

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Simple is Good
Dec 10

We are often awed by complexity. Nature, the human body, science. They are brilliant and beautiful. But when it comes to doing business process automations, which of course is what we do here at Aestiva, complexity is not our friend. It's our foe. Or more accurately, it's something we need to rip apart into smaller pieces until we have nothing left other than a bunch of simple, easy to understand, pieces.

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No Gimmicks Here
Oct 10

Every so often customers ask us to calculate their Return on Investment (ROI) for an upcoming automation. "Other web sites have ROI calculators," they say. "Yours doesn't."

Let's put the fear of God into the marketing department: Where's our ROI Calculator?! So-and-So has one on their site! Where's ours, why don't we have one? People want to know!

The blunt answer is that we think they are misleading and, well, just a marketing tool. They don't give you a real answer. Placing an ROI calculator on your web site to help sell your product is, in our opinion, a gimmick. Maybe cute, but still just a gimmick.

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