Cloud Hosting

Are you looking to fully outsource the maintenance of your Aestiva software product? Then subscribe to an Aestiva-approved Cloud Hosting provider.

Cloud Hosting services, along with Aestiva's own support programs, give you 100% IT outsourcing. Cloud Hosting covers your:

  • Hardware Costs
  • Bandwidth Costs
  • IT Support Costs
  • Backup Services
  • Recovery Services
  • Secure Operation

Aestiva-approved Cloud Hosting services start at about $50/month, regardless of your number of users.

Unlike SaaS (Software as a Service), there are no monthly per-user fees. You pay for the software separately from the hosting.

With Cloud Hosting you get 100% outsourcing, just like SaaS software, but without annual per-user fees. When measured over five years, the TCO of cloud hosting can be up to five times less.

To find out more about Cloud Hosting please call us toll-free at 1-888-Aestiva (237-8482), call international at 1-310-697-0338, or email Aestiva at

Cloud FAQs

Are there setup costs?

Yes. Setup costs vary from provider to provider. Setup costs are usually under $150.

Any long-term contracts?

That will be up to you. Providers offer month-to-month and annual contracts.

Can I move in-house later if I am hosted?

Yes. Aestiva systems can be moved between locations and platforms using special Aestiva packaging utilities. Aestiva support can help you move if and when that happens.

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