Aestiva Ventures - Our Philosophy

We see opportunities where others see problems.

At Aestiva Ventures the foundation of our philosophy is the belief that building and selling things people want helps mankind. So to get off to a proper start, we build something a customer wants. If we accept the "customer problem" you bring us we'll charge your customer what we think other customers would also pay for the solution and forgo standard custom development costs.

Not Your Ordinary Venture Firm

We can do this because we finance our ventures internally. Without external debt. Venture Capital firms rely on costly external debt. They may fund less than one in one-thousand people interested in them. And most Venture Capital projects fail.

With Aestiva Ventures we focus on the customer "win." Even if we fail at selling the solution to others, we guarantee the customer gets their solution. Of course, if we sell the solution to others even more people benefit.

Our philosophy and strategy is simply. "Build what people (customers) want." Work hard. Be fair. Be respectful. Because when we do that, we all win.

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