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Service Rates or Power Office Based Products

Last Updated: 09/09/2013

Standard Rate
$185.00 per hour.*

Aestiva charges a standard professional services rate for SupportPlus services. Time is rounded up to the next half-hour. Time is deducted when multiple calls are placed in sequence so no over-billing occurs. See other notes below.**

* Hours are measured as "effective hours."
How effective hours are calculated.

** Aestiva does not charge for solving what it deems to be "product bugs." If you experience a billing issue, please contact Aestiva so we can remedy the situation as soon as it occurs. Corrections can appear on your invoice, but will not affect the automated time notices you get.

Aestiva charges time and a half for travel. The following rates apply.
-- Full Day Rate: $2,220/day ***
-- Partial Day Rate: $277.50/hour + $185/hour for travel time ***
   ***Does not include travel expenses which are billed at cost.

For further information, please speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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