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Not A One-Trick Pony
Jan 20

Most software firms do one or a few things. Some do expense management. Others procurement. Others time tracking and others asset management. It seems everyone these days is a one-trick pony.

"As specialists we do a better job," they say. But do they? To be fair, sometimes yes. When hunting for a product to manage oil exploration, you want an oil exploration software firm. This is known as a "software vertical." Verticals apply themselves to the "core" operations of a specific business segment.

Non-core operations, such as expense management, procurement, inventory management and time tracking are not vertical. If you need a solution in a highly core arena then Aestiva is (most often) not a good choice. But if you're looking for a non-core automation Aestiva is the better solution. The one-trick ponies are not. Here are five reasons why:

     1. The Ability to Super-Automate
Most firms have long-term goals to automate their non-core business processes. Often five, ten or more processes need to be automated. Utilizing different firms for each automation is impractical. It costs more. It is too complicated. And you'll be retired before you're done.

Super-automation is not possible with the "one company per automation" approach. You don't have the time. With Aestiva you typically automate one process at a time -- taking 30 to 60 days per automation. In a year or two all your non-core operations can be automated. We call that super-automation.

2. The World's Best Features
One of the arguments in favor of using different software firms for each process is it enables you to locate the firm with the best features. This is a strong argument except for one thing. Aestiva can add almost any feature you find in a few days. Our "Rapid Application Development" technology makes this possible (and affordable). Go ahead. Find the world's best features. We'll add them for you. No big deal. We might even improve on them.

3. It's Your Business Process
As a business process automation firm we fit our software to your process. Our entire Aestiva Power Office infrastructure is defined around this concept. It ensures your software matches how you want and need to do business. This is how software "should" be designed. But it is not how most software "is" designed.

Most software firms expect you to fit your operations to their software, not the other way around. This is an important difference. As you automate you want to do it your way. It's your business process.

4. It's Your Time and Your Energy
Working with different software companies is smart. But a different software firm for every non-core operation? For every electronic paper design flowing between your staff and managers? That is too much. With Aestiva your users use the same paper-like interface. The same reporting system. The more processes you automate the easier it gets. Using different software firms for each takes too much time and energy -- for everyone. Better you place your energy in core operations and business development.

5. It's Your Future
Aestiva can scale applications to as many users as you want. Add "portals" for external suppliers and customers. Deploy custom automations. Extend your system with more and more automations. With Aestiva you can automate all the paper and spreadsheet processes you have. No fuss. No big deal. It's what we do. Why limit your company?

So there it is. You can spend the time identifying, qualifying, integrating, managing, and working with a corral of one-trick ponies. Or you can use Aestiva and super-automate your non-core operations. It's your business process, your features, and your future.

Have more questions? Speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator. We look forward to getting you fully automated.


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