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Snap. It's Here.
Dec 4

Earlier this year Aestiva introduced the "Executive Snapshot." The tool provides executives a classic "Business Intelligence" dashboard.

The tool is now official. It is included free with all versions of Power Office.

To be frank however, we'll be avoiding the term BI or "Business Intelligence." At least for now. The word "intelligence" in BI suggests some very thoughtful algorithms to extract valuable information from data. The truth is, we're not there yet. But then, neither is most of the BI world even if their marketing suggests otherwise.

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Intelligent BI
Feb 25

Business intelligence (BI). It's defined as a set of technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes.

Wikipedia goes further, saying, "BI can handle enormous amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop and otherwise create new opportunities." Wow! New opportunities. New revenue streams. Where do I sign up? How could any executive pass on that kind of opportunity?

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Texting's Not Just For Kids
Sep 22

Texting is popular with the kids. But soon it will be popular in business too.

What does that mean for you? To be frank, we're not completely sure. But to stay ahead of the curve, Aestiva set up an automated text facility and integrated it directly into the latest version of Power Office.

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Avoiding The Imaginary
Dec 8

Our business at Aestiva is paperwork automation. We automate processes in a variety of arenas - from procurement, to human resources, to expense management, to inventory and asset controls.

We have a near 100% success record. Some wonder why and how? There are many reasons, but one of the reasons is our avoidance of the "Imaginary Problem."

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Got Business Intelligence?
Sep 17

The arena of Business Intelligence, or BI, tends to cover a lot of ground, but it does provide a sea of ideas.

Business means doing commerce, and Intelligence conjures up images of spies in cloaks hiding behind your desk trying to steal info about your company.

Kidding aside, the two words put together form a catch-all term used to describe the presentation of data analytics to make important decisions - power reporting, if you like.

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Chaos Under Control
Apr 15

Chaos is from the Greek word Khaos, meaning "gaping void". It implies a condition of great disorder and confusion. A small amount of chaos can cause huge changes. Controlling chaos is a fundamental requirement of business systems.

Let's say as an example you are trying to use the data in your Power Office system to generate reports or even to integrate with an external system. If the end users can put in data without controls all sorts of trouble will happen. Your reports may end up showing an error instead of a proper answer. Your integrations could fail and lead to more work correcting problems. Even worse, everything may seem ok but you could make decisions based on incorrect data. The cause could be as simple as someone writing "2..1" instead of "2.1", or typing "the widget" instead of "widget".

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It's My Data. I Want It Now
Mar 6

Say you need to make an important purchasing decision. You need to look at your inventory data but you don't have the data you want. What do you do?

Do you have to put in a request to IT to create a new report for you? Do you have to ask for a weekly Excel file? "Why can't I do this myself?" you think.

That's the motivation behind Aestiva Power Office's "Ad-Hoc Reporting" feature. In today's world of instant information and web-based technologies you shouldn't have to wait days or even weeks for your reports. It's your data, after all.

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Aestiva Launches Proactive Support
Jan 31

Aestiva prides itself on how little support Power Office-based products require. It is not an accident. We see every call for support as an opportunity to improve and eliminate the issue from affecting others in the future. Our processes work well.

In fact, our Power Office support team often looks like a scene out of a Maytag commercial.

So, with great surprise, we learned a growing number of customers were becoming disgruntled with our Power Office support. "You never call us," we were told candidly. "Why do you ignore us," another customer claimed.

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Looking for More Reporting Power?
Jan 23

Aestiva Power Reports is Aestiva's high-end reporting system for customers seeking the ultimate in reporting power.

Power Reports takes advantage of the latest advances in Aestivs's Array engine. Of course, Aestiva's standard report engine is quite powerful itself.

The standard reporting provides advanced functionalities such as dynamic reports, automatic drill-down to Power Office forms, graphical charts and calendar views. But Power Reports goes further.

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Powering Up Your Tools
Dec 22

Over the last year, in a quest to make our Power Office tools more powerful, we developed a concept called "Power Tools." It's really taken off.

Our long-term goal is to surpass the power of multi-million dollar enterprise suites while keeping systems simple and affordable. We understand this is no easy feat. But we work at it.

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Holiday Tips
Dec 17

The holiday season is upon us. So the elves at Aestiva assembled a half-dozen free ways to improve your Power Office experience.

The tips apply to any Power Office application -- whether you automated processes related to procurement, accounting, expense management, time tracking, human resources, or something else.

Happy holidays.

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New Homepage Design
Dec 1

We did it again. In a relentless quest for simplicity, we made the Power Office home page simpler and more intuitive.

Yep. If less is more, then this is a lot more.

Have a multi-form Power Office system? Then sample Aestiva's latest Power Office homepage design. We think you'll like it.

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