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Automation Dream Team
Apr 23

You think you may be ready to automate.

Okay, you think you're not quite ready but you are getting there.

Fine, you have only just begun to think about it but you know you want to do it -- eventually.

What usually hinders folks in the beginning stages of an automation is the lack of experience. Let's compare the process to remodeling a kitchen. Maybe some of you have already done this. But remember back when you were new to remodeling and didn't know where to start. It's nerve-wracking and a lot to bite off.

So many decisions, so much money, so much intricacy you never thought of - never imagined. Soffits? Airswitches? Negative reveal? Who to hire? Some people will wring their hands in decision paralysis at the myriad of backsplashes, wood stains, flooring, and appliance options. Let alone the hiring and managing of contractors and sub-contractors and the resulting chaos in your house for the duration. It's not a pain-free process, that's for certain. And you have to live with the result.

When contemplating business process automation, there is often the same hand-wringing, budget-worrying, analysis-paralysis type feelings among you and your staff. We recognize the lack of direction and expertise could be holding you back from pulling the trigger. So we decided to form an analysis group, Paperless One. The group is chartered with providing on-site help for firms preparing for an automation.

"Our focus is early-stage," says David Silverberg, a member of the Paperless One group. Whereas some firms have already identified their goals, personnel, and requirements before contacting Aestiva, the new group will focus on firms not yet prepared to automate.

Paperless One takes Aestiva's world-leading experience and puts it into action -- from the very beginning of an automation effort. An organization can fast-track an automation while avoiding the pitfalls of having to guess at the best-practices needed.

The Paperless One team draws on Aestiva's strength as a low-cost provider of automation. "Companies can fail or waste a lot of time when they operate without automation experts," say Silverberg. As a lower-cost provider of automation solutions we complete more automations than most software companies. Our staff has more experience than staff at other firms and they have the right experience.

The Paperless One group includes David Silverberg and Eric Villicana who each have completed over one-hundred automations. It also includes Jeffery Brown, an independent BPA consultant with twenty years experience, Rony Cremmery a Belgium-based consultant with thirty years in procurement, and Dan Yerelian, a former Aestiva executive with over twenty automations under his belt.

Paperless One will provide readiness analysis, business process mapping, and large-scale opportunity analysis. It's your Dream Team, your trusted professional kitchen designer.

For further information visit or speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.


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