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How Effective Hours Are Calculated

Last Updated: 01/01/2016

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Aestiva services are billed at a standard rate. To accommodate different types of staff and different programming approaches, Aestiva hours are measured in "effective hours." One effective hour is equal to an hour clocked by staff (clocked time is rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes), multiplied by an effective rate.

Does the effective rate increase customer costs?
For most customers, use of an effective rate reduces costs. Most effective rates are 1.0 or less. Special rates can be more than 1.0 for "special-teams" staff.

Why does Aestiva have an effective rate?
Aestiva work can be done by Aestiva teams, by new staff, by "special-teams" staff, and by some staff who are slower than others. The effective rate protects the customer and ensures that Aestiva is able to add "special teams" to a project.

What are Aestiva's effective rates (EFR)?
-- Time applied during extreme programming sessions (with two or more staff participants) has an effective rate (EFR) of 0.75 or below.

-- Staff who program at a slower pace are billed at a rate of 0.75 or below.

-- New Staff and trainees assigned to projects have an EFR of zero.

-- Special teams are limited to an EFR of 2.0 or below.

In general, if faster delivery is needed or part of a project requires special skills, Aestiva may bring in its "special teams" to help. If a project warrants an "Extreme programming approach," Aestiva may set that up.

Aestiva follows a policy of allocating staff hours to best serve the cost, delivery and project complexity needs of the customer.

Aestiva reserves the right to allocate its resources to projects as it sees fit.

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