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Aestiva Support - 2016

Aestiva customers (prior to renewal dates of Jan 1, 2017) receive the SupportPlus service described below.

New Customer Waiver

As a new customer you have a Waiver Period lasting one year from your initial order date. During this time Basic Services are provided free. It's one of the ways Aestiva stands behind every product it delivers.

Services For Existing Customers

When annual support is purchased, you receive a specified number of hours — the retainer. The retainer can applied to any service you want, even custom development and help on non-Aestiva technologies.

When the retainer is used up, you will need to purchase additional hours to receive support services.

The 2016 Support Program is expiring in 2017. All renewed SupportPlus programs renewed after Jan 1, 2017, will include a more conventional support program. For details, click here.

Aiming Higher Than Ever...
At Aestiva we aim to provide the greatest level of support possible. Tell us how we are doing. Share your ideas for improvement with us. We look forward to working with you.

Support Info
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US Hours
Days: Mon - Fri
Hours: 8am - 5pm PST
(14-hr and 24-hr/holiday support also available.)

For further information, please speak to your Account Coordinator.

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