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What is Zen Bytes?

Zen Bytes are posts about Aestiva's core engines and the philosophical approach Aestiva takes to innovation and design. Although our core technologies are not the center of our discussions with prospects and customers, they play a critical behind-the-scenes role in the success of every business automation.

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The Qmacro Project
Dec 4

Clint Eastwood said "A Man's Got to Know his Limitations." The same can be said for programming languages. The language "C" is fast at bit and byte operations but you would never want to use it to build business applications. The HTML/OS language is fast at high-level operations but it is not super-fast at bit and byte operations.

What does this have to do with the HTML/OS language? Everything.

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It's a 64-bit world, kind of.
Sep 20

Apple's new 64-bit mobile iPhone has made it a race. The world is racing to 64-bit hardware. Across all platforms. PCs, desktops, and soon, all iPhones and Androids.

Not wanting to be left out, we thought it would be appropriate to make our own announcement. Here it goes... drum roll please.

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Winner of Design-Eye Face-Off Announced
Dec 14

Aestiva ran an on-line contest this last month. The goal -- to identify designers with a good graphics design eye. The winner of Aestiva's Design-Eye Face-Off has been announced. Drum roll please. The winner is:

Jonathan Krop

of Berkeley, California

Jonathan wins the $1,000 prize. Jonathan was one of three finalists.

The winner and finalists of the Design-Eye Face-Off have the opportunity to join a skunk-works project at Aestiva code-named Webigami. The project focuses on an automation technology to help small businesses do their paperwork via standard smart phones. The project will potentially impact millions of people world-wide.

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The Vtags: An Update
Jul 14

In November of 2011 we announced enhancements to our relational database technology. See "The Vtags are Coming."

So what's been going on with them? To put it simply -- they're a hit! They're lightning-fast as planned and have surpassed expectations. Aestiva has fully adopted our Vtag technology. For example:

-- The VMACRO tag was introduced, as planned.
-- Our reporting systems are now Vtag-driven.
-- Vtags are now a part of every Power Office product.
-- Our Production Department has been trained in Vtags.
-- Vtags continue to shatter speed-barriers.

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Zoom Zoom
Apr 7

Sometimes the smallest things give us the biggest pleasures. This was apparent earlier this week when a technology for identifying problems in software code was released to Aestiva's Power Office Dev Team.

The technology is called Zoom. It is built directly into the latest releases of Aestiva Array, the engine behind Power Office.

Later this year Zoom will be adopted by Aestiva's production and support departments.

Zoom is essentially a debugging tool. It is the first of its kind in the world. Unlike conventional debugging tools which place applications at risk, Zoom was designed to have no negative affects on a live application. The user of Zoom can't hurt the live application, even accidentally!

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Ladies and Gentlemen - Start Your Engines!
Aestiva Array Means Fast Software Development.
Jan 2

So your organization needs a development platform for building applications in-house. What do you choose? The popular choices are .NET, PhP, JSP, Visual Basic, C++, and Java. But you don't know about Aestiva Array and its HTML/OS language. You need an overview. So in this blog we review why you want Aestiva Array, the ultimate platform for software development.

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Scaling, Aestiva-Style.
Dec 12

About a month ago we announced our new ultra-cool scaling engine, Aestiva Power Hub. But as we sat gloating about our success we forgot most people associate scaling engines with words like "mysterious," "complicated," "risky," "costly," and "not-while-I'm-alive."

So in this article, we'll pull back the curtains and show you just how easy it is to scale existing Power Office systems to serve your entire enterprise.

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The Web Way and Other Daoist Thoughts
Dec 9

About 2,300 years ago, legend tells us, a man of the name Laozi wrote a philosophical text called Dao-De-Jing (the Classic of the Way and its Power). The man, it is said, practiced the "Way." This "Way" describes nature, not according to what it is, but by using paradoxes and describing what nature is not.

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The Vtags are Coming
Nov 9

Here at the end of the year, we are still pumping away at new developments. We're about to introduce new enhancements to our relational database technology. Called Vtags - just a few tags enable the definition of "virtual" tables from underlying HTML/OS databases, text files, and variables.

The techology is original. Like high-speed procedure calls in SQL, Vtags give you the ability to process large amounts of relational data. But unlike SQL, the technology automatically works with all kinds of data, not just databases. And it's not SQL. There's no need for large amounts of memory, processing power, and database networking.

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Scalability: Introducing The Hub
Oct 1

Power /'pouər/

Noun: Ability, strength, force, energy.
Hub /həb/

Noun: The effective center of an activity, region, or network.

We are very excited about our newest advancement, Aestiva Power Hub. Of course, we toot our own horn just like any other business, but Power Hub really is something that makes even the most jaded account rep sit up and take notice. "Power Hub! This one's hot! Stomp on the floor a few times. Give a yell."

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