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Oversight For Power Office Based Products

Last Updated: 06/01/2019

Aestiva utilizes transparency and special tools to ensure that its services are delivered properly and fairly.

Aestiva provides fixed-cost, pure time-and-billing, and project-based pricing methods. Each is described below.

Fix-cost pricing is provided on the sales of quoted Power-Office based products. In this case, the sales, discovery, specification and training is built into the cost of the product (provided the deployment stays within the scope quoted). In these cases all tasks are billed based on the terms of the quoted work. We recommend fix-cost pricing to control costs in a widely accepted, industry-accepted manner.

Pure Time & Billing based pricing is available on Power-Office based products when providing general maintenance tasks, like those related to the need to research data issues, make ongoing minor changes, and situations requiring two or more ongoing meetings every month. In these cases meeting times, communications, and programming tasks are billed at Aestiva's standard rate. We recommend pure time & billing pricing when engaging in many smaller tasks since it offers lower costs than fixed-cost pricing since fix-cost pricing has one-day minimums.

Project-based pricing is available on Power Office based products and Webigami-technology based solutions. In these cases meeting times (all time over the phone with the customer) is billed on a Time & Billing basis but all time outside of that is billed at a quoted fixed cost. Project-based pricing provides the flexibility of Time & Billing based pricing with the fiscal controls of Fix-cost pricing.

Activity Categorization
Aestiva's internal time system supports customer-specific categorization. Aestiva's staff can apply their time to categories you previously provided Aestiva. This allows for greater detail on invoices. If you use services on a regular basis, we encourage you to provide Aestiva with a list of categories that work for you. For more information, contact your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

SupportPlus tasks are customer-initiated. As such, you have a responsibility to know the general nature of the tasks completed. Aestiva's logs are not a substitute for your own record-keeping responsibilities. If you are invoiced for unknown items, we encourage you to (i) improve your internal record-keeping process, and (ii) work with your Aestiva Account Coordinator to improve the categorization scheme used by Aestiva's staff when performing tasks for your organization.

Dispute Management
In general, all time is billable. However, there are cases where time spent can be waived. If you feel that a fee on an invoice is not justified, you are encouraged to reach out to your Account Coordinator. Aestiva will, at its discretion, waive fees when unjustifiably excessive time was spent on a project, or we billed for time that should have been logged to an internal account.

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