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Got Business Intelligence?
Sep 17

The arena of Business Intelligence, or BI, tends to cover a lot of ground, but it does provide a sea of ideas.

Business means doing commerce, and Intelligence conjures up images of spies in cloaks hiding behind your desk trying to steal info about your company.

Kidding aside, the two words put together form a catch-all term used to describe the presentation of data analytics to make important decisions - power reporting, if you like.

Recent developments at Aestiva have included some features often associated with BI. Our latest reporting tools are more dynamic. Need to "pivot" a report across the values in a column? Need to aggregate information across multiple dimensions? Just sort and click. Over the next year we will be adding more features related to slicing and dicing your information in our Power Office platform. Our reporting capabilities will be even more comprehensive than ever.

Many of the features will come from the BI world. After all, when we see ideas that work in other realms that would make sense to add to our own processes, we try to incorporate them into our products.

Of course, as always, we'll follow the Aestiva way. The BI world is much too complicated. We'll do our best at keeping the features intuitive and very very simple. For us, that's the true sign of "intelligence."

Update: Aestiva recently added a tool called "Executive Snapshot." The tool provides a long-term path to "true" business intelligence.

For more information on Aestiva's latest reporting features, speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.


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