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Web Software -- A software product accessed with a standard web browser without the aid of other software on the computer that runs the browser.

Web software products are also called browser-native software applications.

Web software is installed on a single computer and is used to serve people on many computers. The location of the server computer can be one thousand miles away or inside your office.


Web software is universal
like the World-Wide-Web.
  Web software PC Software
Software runs in standard browsers? YesNo
Easy to use, like Web sites? YesNo
No software to install on computers? YesNo
Access from any computer in the office? YesNo
Use any kind of hardware? YesNo
Web software is more flexible than PC software because it does not care about the version, type, build, and age of the PCs that access it.

PCs can use MS Windows or Apple. They can be old or new. Web software is the most versatile and trouble-free kind of software you can buy.
Web software's lower cost of ownership.
  Web software PC Software
Annual support costs per user? About Zero $500-$2,500
Training costs per user? About Zero $200-$1,000
Install/deployment time? About an Hour Weeks
Not your father's software.
Web software is much easier to maintain than PC software. It is particularly important for organizations with five or more staff. Whereas enterprise-wide PC software requires enterprise-level IT support, Web software does not.

Web software frees you from most of the PC world's upgrade, security, and deployment problems. With Web software a small business unit or department can run infrastructures comparable to those managed by large in-house IT centers. Thousands of companies are going "web-based" which may be why Web software is the fastest growing segment of the computer industry.

Be prepared technically.
When buying Web software prepare yourself by knowing what Web software is, and what it is not. Specifically, when you speak of Web software, make sure you're speaking of multi-user software that's installed on server computers. The software must run through a browser. If the software requires anything other than a browser on the user-side of the application, then it is something other than Web software.

When is Web software not Web software?
Web software is most beneficial when the hardware requirements, maintenance requirements, and the requirements on the user computer are zero. When the requirements are not zero then the cost savings benefits immediately change. So beware. Here are some clues Web software may be less than pure:
Works only on limited kinds of browsers.
Requires install of user-side plugins.
Requires install of user-side software.

In these cases the Web software is not Web software, but a hybrid. Like PC-style software, hybrid software runs on limited kinds of hardware, requiring you to constantly fix, upgrade or buy new PCs to support it.

What is a Server Computer?
The "server computer" is any computer with a Web server software program such as Apache or IIS. It can be most any kind of PC, Unix computer, or Linux computer. Sometimes it's a computer located at a hosting provider. Sometimes it's a computer located in your office. Sometimes it's your own PC or laptop. Since any computer can run Web server software, any computer can be a "server computer."


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